The Industry-Independent Omnichannel Solution for Manufacturers, Retailers and Mail Order Companies

Welcome to the future of commerce with IN:OMNICHANNEL – where your customers’ expectations are not only met, but exceeded. In an era where instant gratification is not an option, but a requirement, IN:OMNICHANNEL stands out as the ultimate solution for the retail and mail order sector. Prepare to change the rules of the game and enter the era of 24-hour deliveries and flexibility in payment and delivery models that customers today not only value, but expect.

With IN:OMNICHANNEL by your side, you will unlock the power of cross-channel strategies and gain deep insights into your customers’ behaviour. These valuable insights enable you to create customised omnichannel experiences that are not only attention-grabbing, but also win the hearts of your customers. Join us in a world where personalised offers and seamless customer experiences are no longer dreams of the future, but a reality. IN:OMNICHANNEL is your partner on the way to an enthusiastic customer base and a flourishing business.

Discover IN:OMNICHANNEL – your exclusive key to a revolutionary customer experience. With our solution, you will not only position yourself as a pioneer in your market segment, but also outperform your competitors with ease. Provide your customers with an unforgettable shopping experience that redefines the boundaries of what is possible and creates irresistible customer loyalty.

Thanks to the integration of state-of-the-art retail processes, from seamless product availability to lightning-fast deliveries and comprehensive sales channel synchronisation, you can take your customers’ satisfaction to a new level. IN:OMNICHANNEL is more than a solution – it’s your opportunity to maximise profits and shape the future of retail today. Dive into the world of unlimited possibilities with IN:OMNICHANNEL and turn every customer interaction into a success story.

Process Overview

Together to success: Navigate the complexity of trading with style and strategy

In the world of retail, the paths of manufacturers, retailers and mail order companies appear to run parallel at first glance. However, a closer look reveals unique challenges and differentiating features that make a customised approach indispensable. In the retail and wholesale sectors in particular, the requirements for processes and market strategies differ significantly – a fact that requires strategic foresight and precise planning from the outset.

We focus on perfecting your business processes. Our expertise, shaped by years of experience and a deep understanding of the nuances of commerce, enables us to propose a path that combines standard processes with ground-breaking innovations. Our focus is on your company’s most valuable asset – your customers.

Discover a new dimension of process efficiency with the IN:OMNICHANNEL process overview. Gain valuable insights and overviews into our comprehensive process expertise that will enable you to not only meet, but exceed the specific requirements of your business. IN:OMNICHANNEL is your key to a world where every challenge is an opportunity for excellence.

The IN:OMNICHANNEL process overview will give you a good overview and insight into our process expertise.

  • Absatzplanung
  • Bedarfsplanung
  • Lieferantenmanagement
  • Bestellabwicklung
  • Wareneingang und Einlagerung
  • Qualitätssicherung
  • CRM und Adressmanagement
  • Zielgruppenselektionen
  • Kundenbindung
  • Bonus- und Treueprogramme
  • Interessenten und Angebote
  • Werbekampagnen / Promotions
  • Werbe- und Kaufgutscheine
  • Up-/ Cross-Selling
  • Kassen und mobile Beratung
  • Filialmanagement
  • Warenverteilung
  • Webshop
  • Marktplätze und Plattformen
  • Callcenter
  • Bonitätsprüfung
  • Zahlungsmethoden
  • Bestandsinformationen
  • Click & Collect
  • Click & Reserve
  • Ship from Store
  • Ship to Home / Endless Aisle
  • Return to Store
  • Kundenanfragen und Angebote
  • Webshop
  • Kundenindividuelle Preise und Rabatte
  • Auftragsprüfung und -bewertung
  • Bonitätsprüfung
  • Zahlungsmethoden
  • Kundenbenachrichtigungen
  • Kommissionierung
  • Konsignation
  • Longtail
  • Verpackung und Versand
  • Nachschub
  • KEP- und Speditionsdienstleister
  • Rückstandsverwaltung
  • Verzollung und Intrastat
  • Stichtagsinventur
  • Permanente Inventur
  • Retourenanmeldung
  • Retourenabwicklung
  • Reklamationen von Kunden
  • Reklamationen an Lieferanten
  • Umtausch
  • Gutschrift


Introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance in record time of only 3 months at DIGEL

Introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance at DIGEL in a record time of just 3 months. Meinhard Iken, CFO of DIGEL AG, praises the flexible and solution-orientated approach of the SPH team: “The way and professionalism with which the SPH project team responded to the specific needs of our employees and found solutions to the various challenges was impressive and contributed to a high level of acceptance of the solution within the company.”

Your Benefits of


IN:OMNICHANNEL garantiert eine erhöhte Auftragsgeschwindigkeit, indem die Zeit zwischen Auftragsannahme und Logistikübergabe auf weniger als eine Minute minimiert wird.

Avoidance of lost sales

IN:OMNICHANNEL reduces payment defaults on orders thanks to the automated risk assessment of customers.

Close customer loyalty

IN:OMNICHANNEL engages customers through new marketing and sales measures that enable a fascinating shopping experience across all sales channels.

Increase in sales and new customer acquisition

IN:OMNICHANNEL increases market penetration and reach to acquire new customers by connecting marketplaces and sales partners.

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