Event Review

TECH 4 FASHION Briefing 2022


The SPH AG Tech4Fashion Briefing in our new CO:LAB in Sindelfingen received an extremely positive response from all guests.

After the opening and a tour of the new Brandcenter with CEO Detlef Beiter, during which he highlighted the New Work Concept and the Office’s ability to engage in dialogue, Wolfgang Schenke and Julian Hehl were able to dive deep into the ERP cosmos together with the audience. They demonstrated how IN:FASHION and the complete Microsoft ecosystem create optimal conditions to decisively improve transparency in the company, not only in the area of SCM.

In the future, however, SPH AG will not only stand for this, but will also introduce a new service and consulting brand for its customers in 2023: Prof. Dr. Christian Kaiser from the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University appeared as a surprise guest, who gave the participants a sprint in digital product development and will strengthen external consulting at SPH in the future.

Detlef Beiter explained this new triad in the SPH offering, which consists of the brands IN:FASHION, IN:SERVICES and IN:FUTURE and handed over to Sebastian Schneider, who loves acceleration in ERP projects. As there is less and less time to complete an ERP project, automated workflows (e.g. chat bots) are very useful, both for the project and for the users.

The Friday morning was rounded off by Christian Mainka from Microsoft Germany, who presented exclusively to the audience the latest status of the Microsoft cosmos, which, as we all know, is evolving daily. You can’t get any closer to the current platform development than at the briefing. So watch out for the next invitation.

Everyone presented with a new user interface smartPerform c/o Immersion7 GmbH, which makes it possible to reconfigure the presentation very individually and spontaneously. Detlef Beiter emphasised at the end that this was not a one-off event. Staying in dialogue and developing together as partners is very important to him. And not least the motto of SPH AG: #Bettertogether. So until next time, we look forward to seeing you!


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